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Apple Updates iTunes Preview w/ Flat Design, Launches ‘Apple Music Preview’


Apple Updates iTunes Preview w/ Flat Design, Launches ‘Apple Music Preview’

Twenty or so months after the service first made its debut, support for Apple Music links have this month been added to iTunes Preview.

An online web layout aimed at giving users in search of content available for download on Apple’s many digital stores the ability to see specifics for that particular item, iTunes Preview was ultimately designed to act as a gateway to ensure users reach the correct store – based on content they are looking for.

New iTunes Preview Design

Prior to this month’s update, you may have noticed that Apple’s desktop web template had its focus solely on content that was available for download on iTunes.

However, in its most-recent update, iTunes Preview will now show information for both iTunes and Apple Music links on-the-fly -and without needing to reload the page- dependent on the user’s own preference.

Redesigning the web-based template to better reflect the ‘flat’ simple visuals of its Music app, iTunes Preview will show all the expected relevant information that users are accustomed to, such as; an album’s title, artist, genre, release date, rating, price and any editor’s notes or audio previews relevant to that recording… in addition to a new ‘View in’ section that will see the company suggest where the user can listen to the content, and a ‘Top Songs’ section which will highlight more from that particular artist.

Albums which are available to stream on Apple Music will now display an ‘Also Available on Apple Music’ link – and tapping it will see iTunes Preview switch out those iTunes-specific tap regions for Apple Music focused alternatives, (such as the top-right justified subscribe link provided by the all-new Apple Music Preview.)

Old iTunes Preview Design

It’s worth noting that these changes only seem to have gone live for the music-specific item pages currently offered by iTunes Preview, with pages for other non-music items (such as books, tv shows, movies, etc.) keeping the older design … for now, at least.

Try it out – with Idle Worship by Alex Crispin.

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