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Apple Debuts Monstrously-Powerful ‘iMac Pro’


Apple Debuts Monstrously-Powerful ‘iMac Pro’

We knew Apple was probably working on its most-powerful Mac, ever.

But perhaps what no-one was expecting is for the company’s highest-end, pro-focused all-in-one to throw in … the literal kitchen sink.

Arrive in the same desktop-redefining form-factor, the sheer power and performance that Apple is packing into its all-new, professional-aimed iMac …must be read to be believed, (and even then, you might not believe it).

“Pros love iMac. So when they asked us to build them a killer iMac, we went all in,” the company explains. “An iMac with 8 cores is remarkable enough. But an iMac with up to 18 cores is an entirely different creature.

Complete with turbo boost speeds of up to 4.5GHz, Apple says that it ultimately built the iMac Pro to have both the power and flexibility to balance superb multicore processing, with great single-thread performance.

So whether you’re rendering files, editing 4K video, creating real-time audio effects, or compiling your next five-star app, it all gets done at lightning speed. Proof, once again, that there’s strength in numbers.

As for the beast behind the beauty? … iMac Pro features Radeon Pro Vega graphics, which, Apple says, is over three times faster than any previous GPU included in an iMac, as it explains that the just-launched graphics architecture packs the power of “a double-wide graphics card” …into a single chip.

“All of which translates to higher frame rates for VR, real-time 3D rendering, more lifelike special effects, and gameplay at max settings. It’s one huge reason iMac Pro is power incarnate,” Apple says.

But it doesn’t stop there as Apple’s monstrously-powerful desktop all-in-one for pros is now capable of producing 11 teraflops of single precision workflow, (22 teraflops at half precision), as its 8GB or 16GB High Bandwidth Memory and 400 GB/s of available memory bandwidth make the company’s most-powerful all-in-one ever built … scream.

The above also makes the iMac Pro a perfect bedrock for the coming Virtual Reality paradigm. Showing off an impressive on-stage demo of the machine’s capabilities to power the most intense of VR solutions and environments, anyone who claims to be serious about the future of VR – should definitely be paying attention to the iMac Pro.

“With the new Vega GPU, iMac Pro lets you do more than just immerse yourself in VR worlds. It lets you create them from scratch.” It’s even a power-house in memory — with up to 128GB (2666MHz DDR4 ECC). “So you can visualize, simulate, and render huge 3D models,” Apple says.

Create multiple test environments for cross-platform development. Keep numerous apps open at the same time. And slice through data-intensive tasks like a hot knife through butter…

… and don’t worry about the storage, as, (in addition to the company offering 2TB as its standard iCloud storage offering at that same £6.99/mo – as of this week), iMac Pro will be able to offer an additional 4TB in SSD at 3GB/s throughput – for those projects you want to keep right at hand.

In terms of I/O you’ll find four Thunderbolt 3 ports, allowing you to connect up to two 5K monitors — should you need those… and with data transfer at a blazing 40Gb/s, that brand new 10Gb Ethernet should come in handy – too.

Citing that the desktop’s 27-inch screen is its best ever, as it highlights 500 nits of brightness across 14.7 million pixels make for a stunning canvas to work on, along with a P3 color gamut and support for over a billion colors, Apple says that iMac Pro delivers spectacular true-to-life images.

Topping it all off is a brand new look.

Now available in Space Grey, Apple notes that the iMac Pro’s accessories are wireless, rechargeable, and beautiful to behold. Plus, the new Magic Keyboard includes a numeric keypad and comes with your choice of either Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Trackpad 2.


As for when you can get your own hands on this beast? …

Well, just like HomePod, Apples top-of-the-line pro desktop solution will land this December … and that’s probably a good thing considering you’ll likely want to start saving now for its expected $4,999 (£3,870/AU$6,680) asking.

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