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User Profiles Could Be Apple Music’s Missing Key [OPINION]


User Profiles Could Be Apple Music’s Missing Key [OPINION]

Quickly issuing a patch to the just released iTunes 12.6 – earlier this week, the brief appearance (and then removal) of a “Show on Profile Page” toggle on iTunes’ playlist edit page could indicate that Apple isn’t quite done with making its multimedia jukebox software, social.

The change spotted by an eagle-eyed user on Reddit would appear to suggest that the company is actively looking into ways to make its closed club music service more open, whilst at the same time keeping that draw for potential new subscribers.

Of course, today, it’s already possible to create your own Apple Music playlists – and share them with friends, family or colleagues via Apple’s provided direct link option. (It’s actually the exact same option we use to share our new music playlist: #THEHOTLIST – every week).

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But it’s clear that, despite this current functionality, Apple also has a want to make this playlist creation aspect of Apple Music more community-driven.

See even though you can create playlists to share with others you may know, or who are close to you, it’s not yet possible for other Apple Music members to search out those same created/curated playlists – even if you’ve made them public by sharing your playlist’s direct link at least once.

By adding the ability for users to create their own profile pages within Apple Music, the service becomes less of a dictatorship – (after all, not everyone will unreservedly love those daily recommendations Beats 1 throws out), and instead fosters a community of music lovers, for music lovers.

Subscribers to Spotify will know that the streaming service already seemingly understands this, as it carries the ability for them to become physical ‘curators’ of their own playlists and music tastes – also being able to easily share these collections and collaborations with others, if they so choose.

And while Apple Music does have some of this capability, profile pages would appear to be the missing piece of the puzzle as the company works to allow for person-specific music ‘hubs,’ that should in turn further help to drive streams of the service’s many avaialble tracks.

In fact, it could be argued that this has been the company’s end goal from the very beginning – as when originally signing up for Apple Music you may remember that listeners were also asked to choose a ‘nickname’ under their Apple Music account settings.

So far, this nickname has only been used for identifying listeners when leaving comments on Apple Music Connect posts from other artists and industry professionals, but with the above described feature slip now out in the open, its not too out of the way to suggest that the firm could be working on building out Apple Music’s social aspect to include listener profiles.

Exactly when this social music functionality will materialise for Apple Music members, is unclear. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility to believe that the feature could drop… as early as this year.

/ The Loop

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