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Illustrated Graphic Novel ‘Terms and Conditions’ (Starring Steve Jobs) Hits Amazon


Illustrated Graphic Novel ‘Terms and Conditions’ (Starring Steve Jobs) Hits Amazon

The anticipated release by New Jersey-based illustrator and animator, Robert Sikoryak, Terms and Conditions is described by The New York Times as a “mischievous, pastiche-heavy conceptual project” as it takes Apple’s laboriously long terms and conditions –which users must often accept before being able to use software such as iTunes or iOS– and mashes them together wth artwork taken from centuries’ worth of comic books.

Adapting the legalese of the iTunes Terms and Conditions into another medium seems like an unfathomable undertaking, yet Sikoryak creates a surprisingly readable document, far different from its original, purely textual incarnation and thus proving the accessibility and flexibility of comics.

When Sikoryak parodies Kate Beaton’s Hark A Vagrant peasant comics with Steve Jobs discussing objectionable material or Homer Simpson as Steve Jobs warning of the penalties of copyright infringement, Terms and Conditions serves as a surreal record of our modern digital age where technology competes with enduringly ironclad mediums.

Now available to purchase on Amazon and already a #1 Best Seller in the category of Drawn & Quarterly Comic and Graphic Novels, with at least one reader considering it “essential reading for our digital age,” Terms and Conditions is currently down from its regular price of $14.95 to just $10.36, (£12.08)… a 31% saving.

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