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“Hey Siri, Who’s Going To Win the Super Bowl?”

Apple TV

“Hey Siri, Who’s Going To Win the Super Bowl?”

With the big game now just several days away, Apple on Monday pushed out an update to its personal assistant – Siri – adding various user commands and backend support in preparation for Super Bowl LI.

Set to see its kick-off at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas this coming Sunday, February 5; the globally watched game will follow on from the NFL 2016 regular season and will see the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons.

“As the Super Bowl countdown begins, Siri is gearing up for the Big Game,” Apple wrote in its announcement of the new features.


It begins with new functionality for the big screen:

For the first time, Apple TV users can now ask Siri to tune in live to the Super Bowl just by saying, “Watch the Super Bowl.”

“Whether you’re at home, at a local sports bar or at a friend’s party,” the company continued, “Siri is available everywhere you are and provides even more football insights including team rosters, player comparisons, historical stats, season records and more.”

Marking the first time that Siri has been given new capabilities that will take full advantage of the firm’s newly integrated ‘Live Tune-In’ feature, the virtual voice assistant is this week also gaining the ability to help out with game day planning on mobile, too:

“[…] by telling fans where to watch the game, who’s performing during the halftime show and reminding them to pick up snacks as they head out the door,” Apple says that Siri on iPhone and iPad is now more capable than ever to serve sports fans with the information that they need, when they need it.

Starting now, you can ask Siri things like:

– When is the Super Bowl and who’s playing?
– Where is the Super Bowl being played this year?
– Who is performing at the Super Bowl halftime show?
What channel is the Super Bowl on?

And other things, like:

– What is the Patriots record? … What about the Falcons?
– Who had more field goals this season, the Patriots or the Falcons?
Who has more rushing yards this season, Tom Brady or Matt Ryan?
– How many yards did Matt Ryan have last week?
What college did Tom Brady play for?
– Who is the coach for the New England Patriots?
– Who won the Super Bowl last year?

“Siri is also a great companion for a Super Bowl party, and knows a thing or two about nachos,” Apple laughs, adding that asking Siri to set a reminder to pick up ingredients on Saturday morning or “give directions” to the closest sports bar is the perfect way to ensure you’re ready…

… and at the end of the night, “Siri can also book fans a ride home,” the company adds.

Super Bowl LI: Houston

In the run up to Sunday’s game Apple has -in addition- begun promoting the annual availability of NFL Films’ official movie: Super Bowl LI: Houston.

Currently available for digital pre-order on iTunes, the new film is designed to take die-hard Super Bowl fans down the sidelines, onto the field and into the locker room … as it provides absolute exclusive access to all the vivid sounds and images of every game in the memorable 2016-2017 season.

Plus: There’s extra content detailing stories from the past year, media day at Super Bowl 51, and footage from the “thrilling” Lombardi Trophy Presentation – Apple says.

Pre-Order Now for $12.99 HD.

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