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Mac Language Utility ‘Translate Tab’ Drops To FREE [ENDED]


Mac Language Utility ‘Translate Tab’ Drops To FREE [ENDED]

Described as an easy-to-use tool for “quick translation” of phrases, Translate Tab is a macOS menu bar utility that is able to convert into over 100 languages.

Detecting the source language of copied text, automatically – with users able to translate instantly as inputted text is ‘phonetically’ analysed and added, Translate Tab makes it possible to both read (and listen) to your translations on-the-fly, as you convert entire web pages from one language to another …

With the software checking your spelling along the way, Translate Tab also takes advantage of a handy and instant translation shortcut, which allows for the sending of any piece of text to the app – in a click.

The only downside? – A persistent internet connection.

But if you can get over that small hurdle, Translate Tab looks to be a great tool for those who needs quick translation directly from their desktop … and especially so given that the app -which usually sells for $4.99– is now FREE, for a limited time.


It appears the app has now returned to its regular price.

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