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Taylor Swift Looks To Be Apple Music’s Secret Sauce


Taylor Swift Looks To Be Apple Music’s Secret Sauce

After the singer pulled her entire back catalog off competing streaming service Spotify, (and as a result handed over her top-selling album 1989 exclusively to Apple’s new music service), Swift would now appear to be in direct control of the future success of these said streaming services.

And luckily for Apple, Swift’s on side.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 06.08.41

The singer announced earlier this week that her official concert film, The 1989 World Tour – Live, would be streamed to subscribers of the service – exclusively, later this month, and it could be just the carrot needed to convince a large portion of existing iTunes customers to try out Apple Music – for the first time.

“This is Apple Music’s first holiday season, and it could be crucial to proving that the service has the staying power that many Spotify rivals lack,” Engadget’s John Fingas writes.

Of course, it’s a gamble — “It’s a bet that Swift’s tour video is enough to deliver not just a momentary spike in new subscribers, but the kind of momentum Apple needs to become a heavyweight in the streaming music game,” notes Fingas.

Apple is reportedly throwing money at the cause to keep the internationally-followed artist on its books, and for now at least it would appear Taylor is happy for the agreement to continue, so long as Apple is doing everything it can to earn the star more fans, worldwide.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 17.50.54

That’s not exactly a hard job when you have your own music-focused radio station that streams 24/7 to listeners in over 100 countries.

Apple plastering Swift all over Beats 1, Apple Music, and its social channels is an obvious win-win for the just turned 26-year-old, and some might say deserved reward for having the guts to go up against an increasingly controlled industry in the first place.

Exactly how many of those subscribers will eventually tune-in to watch Swift’s concert film, is unclear.

What is clear though, is that – with Apple and Swift on each other’s sides, and masses of listeners willing to do anything it takes to grab a glimpse of Swift’s latest world tour, Apple Music’s first holiday quarter could be record-setting.

Now all the company needs to do is somehow convince Adele to do the same.

The record-breaking singer recently announced that she will not be making her latest album, 25, available for streaming.

Exact reasoning behind the decision is unclear, but money or rights issues with Adele’s management at Columbia – is the likely cause.

While Swift is controlling the industry by choosing which service she wishes to let stream her most-popular album(s), Adele would appear to be trying to gain at least some control by instead choosing which services can’t stream her material.

That’s not to say the relationship between Adele and Apple is sour.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 06.12.08

Far from it25 is available to download today on the iTunes Music Store, and, if the latest figures are to be believed, the singer just scored the fastest-selling digital download of all time, thanks, in part, to the album’s current availability through iTunes.

As Apple Music’s subscriber base increases, and the pool of listeners that generate track-by-track commission for both artists and labels becomes evermore valuable – though, there’s reason to believe that even Adele’s mind might be swayed on streaming. Eventually.

For now, it’s Taylor‘s game – and she’s winning it.


/ Image Credit: Source (Taylor Swift) / NJR (Adele)

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