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How To Check Your iPhone 6S Order Status


How To Check Your iPhone 6S Order Status

The day is nearly upon us … and if you too are waiting on the arrival of Apple’s latest smartphone handset, the iPhone 6S, here’s a handy guide on how to check your order status.

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Recently, you may recall that Apple redesigned its official website to fully integrate its online store into the many different product pages that exist at

Due to this change, accessing the ‘My Account’ section of what was previously the Apple Online Store has become confusing and a headache for many.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

How to Check your Order Status

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Checking details about your order first requires that you head over to Once there, you’ll be asked to sign-in with the Apple ID you originally used during checkout.

From here it’s just a case of locating your order.

Without even having to click or tap “Show Order Details,” you should be able see your current order status in bold. The above example shows an order that has reached the “Preparing for Shipment” stage.

It should be noted that in other regions and territories Apple uses “Preparing for Dispatch” for this phase of the shipping process – but all you need to know is that they both essentially mean the same thing.


From the moment you place your order at, an iPhone order will go through a number of different stages.

These include:

“We’ve received your order”
Apple is simply telling you that it has received your order and will begin processing it soon. It also informs customers at this stage that they can modify any order details they may need to, once they reach the “processing” stage.

“Processing Items”
Shortly after placing a hold on your account for 0.00, Apple will tell you that your order is being processed. Essentially, this is the confirmation stage. During this stage you can still modify your order details through the Order Status section, or by contacting Apple Online Store Customer Service directly.

“Preparing for Shipment”
Reaching this stage means that Apple is preparing your order for shipment and, as a result, you are now unable to modify any details relating to the order at this point. If items are being shipped directly to you, Apple will send you a “Shipment Notification” email.

If the items order are being shipped to an Apple Store, however, the company will instead send you a “Pickup Notification” email when they are ready for you to pick them up.

This is the order status you have most definitely been waiting for. Your order has shipped! – and as a result your carrier tracking number will be updated within 24 hours.

Time to setup camp at the front door …

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus officially went on pre-order beginning September 12.

With online pre-order supply of both models seemingly steady, only selling out several hours after pre-orders opened a week last Saturday, many over the weekend just gone reported their order status had switched to “Preparing for Shipment.”

Those lucky enough to have gotten their order in at relatively quickly, should see delivery on launch day – September 25. That is unless you happen to live in either New York City (10001, 10007, 10017, 10021, 10022, 10023, 10029), or Philadelphia, (19102, 19103, 19104, 19106, 19107, 19109, 19123, 19130, 19146, 19147).

The above zip codes will specifically be affected in relation to estimated UPS delivery times for the new iPhones, as Pope Francis prepares to visit both of these cites – this coming week.

Meanwhile, those who ordered via third-party carrier websites are also seeing delays to their estimated shipping dates of roughly a week.

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