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Apple Music is Managing To Convert Spotify Listeners


Apple Music is Managing To Convert Spotify Listeners

Put it down to the service’s 90-day “pay nothing” trial, or its selection of over 30 Million songs and human-curated playlists being available via a simple request to Siri … but one thing appears certain …

Apple Music is managing to convert Spotify listeners.


The service which launched at the end of last month, along with Apple’s new radio effort – Beats 1 – is continuing to draw in listeners from a whole host of music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Play Music, Beats Music and TIDAL.

The data arrives courtesy of a revealing poll held by the folks over at 9to5Mac.

According to the ongoing results of the poll, Apple Music reflects the first streaming music service tried for 19.15% of respondents (2,457 votes), while 33.7% of respondents said they were using Apple Music and had switched wholeheartedly from Spotify (4,323 votes), and 16.35% said they were using Apple Music only while the service is in its trial period (2,098 votes).

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Other rival streaming platforms – such as Google’s Play Music, Rdio, Pandora and TIDAL are shown as having a higher listener retention rate, as only 92 respondents have thus far said they would switch from Jay-Z’s high-fidelity service to use Apple Music, (or 0.72%).

The service with the lowest listener retention rate out of that bunch is, unsurprisingly, shown to be Beats Music.

Given the core of the Beats Music service is now built directly into Apple Music – Apple itself offered the ability for Beats Music members to export and transfer their playlists over to Apple Music, and Beats Music will soon cease to exist as a result of Apple Music’s introduction … this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.

But it’s not all good for Apple’s new streaming service.

That’s because a further 21.82% (2,799 of out of the poll’s 12,829 total respondents) revealed that they had no plans to use Apple Music for their daily music-streaming needs – going forward, and will instead presumably be looking towards other streaming offerings.

Apple is yet to share official figures relating to Apple Music’s up-take by listeners, or indeed how many people are tuning into Beats 1 and the station’s daily roster of celebrity guest DJs.

Those figures are likely to come later.

/ 9to5Mac

In an attempt to merge the worlds of music, design and journalism, Arron is perhaps best known for founding online news brand: RazorianFly; a hobby which grew to attract a monthly audience of 120K.

Today he can be found designing and writing for whilst also managing #THEHOTLIST - a weekly updating playlist of the hottest new artists, now streaming on Apple Music.

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Perhaps best known for founding online news brand RazorianFly, Cheshire digital creative Arron Hirst lives for discovering new artists.
Experimenting in alt-synth vibes through his own side project - STARRHINO, today his focus is rooted in the user's experience.

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