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‘Competitive Pokedex’ Gets iPhone 6 Display Support, (More)


‘Competitive Pokedex’ Gets iPhone 6 Display Support, (More)

One of the more notable updates hitting the App Store, this week, (especially if you happen to be a fan of Pokemon) – is Tiago Furlanetto’s Competitive Pokedex.

Designed to provide the latest information on all the characters from the popular anime-style TV series – including their abilities, weaknesses, powers, damage limit, rankings and more, Competitive Pokedex has just updated to include full pokemon listings for the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire series.

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Complete with 721 Pokemon now to explore, and tons of Mega-Evolutions, Primal Regressions and Alternate Forms to get to grips with, Competitive Pokedex allows you to learn about each Pokemon’s effects both inside (and outside) of the battle arena – especially handy if you already play the handheld console games.

Plus, it now looks great on both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Competitive Pokedex is FREE on the App Store.

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