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First Look: Apple Watch [VIDEO, OPINION]

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First Look: Apple Watch [VIDEO, OPINION]

Shortly after Apple’s media event concluded at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, last week, journalists and media types present were led into Apple’s mysterious big white box – to grab a first look, and get their hands on, what they had just seen announced in the center’s auditorium.

Products on display included the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus – and the star of the show, Apple Watch.

Here’s what Dieter Bohn for The Verge had to say when he got his hands on the device, for the first time:

“There’s a lot to like here, a lot of interesting ideas, but there’s nothing so immediately striking about the Apple Watch as to seem really, truly groundbreaking. Of course, we’ve only gotten our first glance of the device, and there’s likely much more to do — and many more questions to answer — before the watch ships in early 2015.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 06.26.01

“[…] The build quality of each model was impeccable, with a smooth-scrolling crown control and a satisfyingly solid “snick” happening when pressing it or the button situated alongside,” Engadget’s Michael Gorman said, adding that Apple “wouldn’t let [him] actually interact with the Watch’s UI,” instead having the watch simply run through a demo loop.

Gorman continues:

“As for the rubber sport band, I had some trouble fitting the metal nubbin into its appropriate hole, and I got a little pinch on the underside of my wrist when tucking it into the band. I imagine I’d get the hang of fitting it quickly and painlessly eventually, but my first time strapping it on was not all pleasant.”

Vjeran Pavic’s hands-on with the device for Re/Code, (above), was more informative rather than providing opinion. Still, it’s an interesting few minutes watching, especially given that Pavic is only one of a few reporters that actually got to capture footage of Apple’s new “Digital Touch” interface, in action.

Joanna Stern was the lucky one who got to go “hands-on” with Apple Watch on behalf of The Wall Street Journal. On her first experience with the wrist device, the paper said:

“As for performance, we don’t have much of a sense yet. The demo units were on a fixed loop, and though the OLED touch display looked attractive (and comes with a sapphire coating on the high-end models), we don’t know how it looks in direct sunlight. Also, we never got a chance to try the “digital crown.”

They added:

“One thing that you can’t change is its square display. If you prefer round watches, this might not be the wrist computer for you.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 05.27.30

Finally, on the expected ‘viral nature’ of the wrist device, Kevin Roose for NYMag wrote:

“It will start with a friend. A friend who lives in San Francisco, maybe. Or who works as a venture capitalist. Or who recently had a birthday.

This friend will be wearing an Apple Watch. And at first, you’ll giggle. It’s a wrist computer! It looks silly, like something out of Dick Tracy. You’ll say something snide, like, “Get a lot of dates with that thing?” The friend will laugh good-naturedly. He’ll show you some of the things the Apple Watch can do: Twitter notifications, turn-by-turn directions, conversations with Siri. You’ll pretend to be wowed. You’ll move on to other subjects.

Then, a few weeks later, you’ll start seeing more of these goofy-looking watches being worn by actual humans. Your boss will get one for Father’s Day. They’ll raffle one off at a benefit dinner. A hot woman will be wearing one in a restaurant and, somehow, be pulling it off. People will start talking about it in your earshot. Eh, the battery life isn’t great, but it saves me a lot of time when I travel. Oh yeah, I use it to pay for stuff. Did you know you can share your heartbeat with this?”

I said: I’m definitely going to buy one.

/ Image Credit: The Verge

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